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What is Afrikaans

It is an Afrikaans dictionary containing 1660 words, and last updated on 16 January 2016.

I started it as a game or digital aide memoire. Whenever I come across or learn a new Afrikaans word, I add it to the dictionary.

So the meanings of the words in the dictionary are meanings that I have come across while listening or reading, and not necessarily exhaustive or the most common meaning of aparticular word.

  • Plurals are included as separate words. So, for example, both hond 'dog' and honde 'dogs' would be included (assuming that I had come across them while reading). This is useful as plurals in Afrikaans sometimes end with s and sometimes with e.

  • Participles are (sometimes) included. For example, gekry is the past participle of kry 'find', and is listed as a separate entry along with the 'bare' infinitive form.

  • Slang terms have been included.